Tokwa’t Baboy with Tausi

Golden crispy tofu and fork-tender pork belly with a tangy sauce and added tausi for that extra dose of yum. Try this Tokwa’t Baboy with Tausi for your next family meal or even as an appetizer!

Tokwa’t Baboy with Tausi is a simple and tasty Filipino dish made with pork belly, deep-fried crispy tofu, and salted black beans. Like the classic tokwa’t baboy we commonly enjoy as an appetizer or topping for lugaw, its flavor comes from a mixture of vinegar and spices.

The pork is first simmered in vinegar, water, and crushed garlic until fork-tender and then sautéed in juicy, plump tomatoes. Golden crispy tofu cubes are added for extra texture along with tausi for umami flavor. The result is a hearty and tasty dish that’s sure to hit the spot!

Ingredient notes

Pork belly– one of the most flavorful cuts with alternating layers of fat and meat. You can also use pork shoulder or kasim for leaner option or add pig’s ear for texture.
Tokwa- use firm tofu which is ideal for frying.
Tausi- also known as douche or tochi, they’re fermented and salted black soybeans used in many Asian and Chinese recipes. They’re sold either in dry form, which needs to be rehydrated in water to use, or packed in brine, which needs to be rinsed and drained to rid of excess saltiness.
Roma Tomatoes– use ripe tomatoes which are sweeter and juicier
Vinegar– balances the savory dish with a hint of acidic flavor
Aromatics– garlic, onions, and bay leaves adds fragrance and boosts flavor

Frying the tofu

For easier frying and better texture, drain the tofu well from the packing liquid. Wrap it in a thick layer of paper towels, set it over a wire rack, and weigh it down with a saucer or plate for about 15 to 20 minutes to extract moisture.
Ensure the frying oil is of proper temperature (350F) to prevent tofu from sticking and absorbing too much grease.
Wait until tofu begins to brown before turning or they will stick to pan and fall apart.
You can shallow pan-fry the tofu to use less oil or deep-fry for a crispier texture. Read my how-to guide for best results!

Cooking Tips

Cut the pork in uniform size to ensure even cooking.
Very briefly toss the tofu in the mixture just until coated with sauce to maintain texture.

How to serve and store

Tokwa’t Baboy with Tausi is a main dish for lunch or dinner. Pair it with hot steaming rice and you are on your way to an amazing meal!
Keep leftovers in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Reheat in the microwave until completely warmed through. Tofu might change texture and become chewy when reheated.

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